Cleanliness Guarantee

Our 10 point “Green Clean” cleaning process is performed each and every time we service a toilet

Customer Satisfaction

we go so far beyond merely providing customer service. We satisfy the precise needs of every client every time.

Nonprofit Commitment

we love supporting local charities and 501(c)(3) nonprofit groups. Green Latrine seeks out opportunities to provide portable sanitation to any local nonprofit hosting any kind of event that requires portable restrooms.

Industry Leading Environmental Leadership

Green Latrine is driving the portable sanitation industry into a sustainable future

Call Us

There is a right way to do business and Green Latrine does business the right way.

Jeff BGeneral Contractor

As a builder portable toilets are the last thing you want to worry about. We have never once had to ever think or worry about any detail of the excellent service job that Green Latrine delivers every time.

Chris LHome Builder

We are a small nonprofit so every dollar we spend on putting on the event takes away money from our mission. Green Latrine understood that and maximized the amount of money our event raised for our charity.  They were excited to work with us and they provided us with a nonprofit discount and superior service. I’m completely sold on Green Latrine and encourage all Seattle area nonprofits to partner with Green Latrine for their events.


Chris MSeattle area nonprofit board member

Our event attendees are paying for a ticket to get into the event so the experience we provide has to be first rate and that’s why we can't risk not using Green Latrine.

Josh WEvent Director